About Adam

Not happy with the way the music industry was heading, Adam B Harris turned his back on a successful career as a performer and session musician in the Perth metropolitan area and in 2005 moved to the Avon valley.

From a secluded private studio in the valley, Adam turned his hand to creating a series of recordings that would be in harmony with his environment and reflect a new a way of life.

The back to basics approach Adam needed to realise his vision required that the recordings were made the old fashioned way, without the computers or technological interference that plagues today's music. These recordings are “handmade” as Adam calls it.

Central to his handmade philosophy is the use of REAL instruments. The harps, dulcimers, guitars, clarinet, flutes and percussion that Adam uses on these recordings are all the real deal. A far cry from the computer samples that saturate your daily listening experience on television and radio.

Adam spends much of his life travelling around rural Western Australia with his harp, meeting people and entertaining on a grass roots level through street performance and house concerts. In the spirit of his “music for the people” mindset, these unique and beautiful recordings are not available through traditional music outlets and can only be found in places where people care.

His music can be likened to a secret oasis of sound that is found in rural Western Australia. To join the growing number of local and international visitors that have discovered this secret, you should take one of these beautiful recordings home with you today.

Frank Rochester Jan 2013